228. Tay Roc vs. Geechi Gotti 1st Round Breakdown | Let's Talk Battle Rap Podcast (2024)


    228. Tay Roc vs. Geechi Gotti 1st Round Breakdown | Let's Talk Battle Rap Podcast (1)

    228. Tay Roc vs. Geechi Gotti 1st Round Breakdown

    Vlad and Tim the Genius go through all the bars of the most revered round from URL's Lock Down event.
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    • Thoughts on COTY 2023 | Tay Roc Snub ? | The Riot/RapOff Card


      Staff Writer Titus does a monologue Podcast to recap all of the events of the past week regarding Champion Of The Year, Bigg K Winning COTY, The backlash of Tay Roc's ranking on the list, Thoughts on Danny Myers 2023, responds to the small critics, and previews the Geechi Gotti vs Illmac Rap Off/The Riot card going down March 28th. Read the Article breaking Down Bigg K's 2023 run By Senior Staff Writer Q Moodyhttps://www.letstalkbattlerap.com/bigg-k/

    • Let's Talk Battle Rap with Dre Majesty/Trenches Tournament


      Titus sits down with Dre Majesty ahead of his J Morr battle in the Trenches tournament on February 17th. They talk the battle, Dre's origins and the new wave of Southern talent coming into the game.

    • JJDD vs Eazy The Block Captain Recap | I Heard Report Rookies vs Sophom*ore | The Trenches/Bullpen


      0:00 Intro5:00 Undercard of Drop of your Location8:00 Jmorr takes advantage of his opportunity13:00 The sound issue in the venue17:00 Zan vs Cashflo Recap20:00 Riggz vs Kaboom Recap28:30 E ness vs Clone Recap33:00 Bill Collector being the MVP of the night43:00 Hookah Doncic ??48:00 JJDD drops the audio of Eazy1:02:00 Big Picture Thoughts on JJDD vs Eazy TBC1:09:00 Round breakdowns1:22:00 What happened with the Judges?1:29:00 Did the people turn on Eazy?1:34:00 TAY ROC & Eazy TBC heated Exchange1:50:00 The I Heard Report on URL Rookies vs Sophom*oreRecap Article of The Trenches & Bullpenhttps://www.letstalkbattlerap.com/the-trenches-bullpen-drop-your-location-recap/

    • LTBR Group Chat: | Murda Mook vs Hitman next? | Eazy TBC vs John John Da Don | Rookies vs Sophom*ores


      LTBR Staff writers Titus & Q Moody break down some of the aftermaths of Homecoming, discuss Eazy The Block Captain vs John John Da Don on The Trenches & give their final thoughts on Rookies vs Sopohmore0:00 Intro2:00 Take aways from the weekends 10:20 Murda Mook vs Hitman should be the next battle?20:00 Nu Jerzey Twork's performance vs Mook and what’s next for him?36:15 Eazy The Block Captain A-side rant 44:00 Eazy vs JJDD52:30 Who will standout in the trenches? 58:00 Letters to the rookies and sophom*oresRecap and latest coverage of the culture on https://www.letstalkbattlerap.com

    • Homecoming 2 | Panic room 7 | Cancel Chrismas | CVLTURE 6 Recap


      0:00 Intro2:30 Homecoming 2 Recap 5:30 Castro vs Swamp Recap 13:00 Ace Amin vs Shotgun Suge 25:00 Ms. Hustle vs Arsonal 33:00 Serius Jones vs Geechi Gotti 40:00 Rex vs Chess1:02:00 Loaded Lux vs Rum Nitty announcement 1:04:00 Murda Mook vs NJ Twork 1:10:00 The Debate in the 2nd round of Twork/Mook 1:36:00 QOTR undercard & Shooney/ Casey Jay1:49:00 40 BARRS VS COFFEE 2:00:00 ibattle standouts Performance 2:13:00 Chrome 23 Recap

    • Couture vs Coffee canceled | Tay Roc vs A.Ward on URL? | Ryda leaving URL | Bigg K response to Roc


      (0:00) Intro(2:00) Couture says she will not be on the Cancel Christmas card(8:00) Coffee only has to battle 40 this weekend, does that change things?(21:00) Mook vs TWork updates (27:00) stories on Letstalkbattlerap.com (38:00) Discussing Ryda’s departures from URL(50:00) Rocq Lee & Mallorei X go back and forth on the timeline (58:00) TAY ROC sends shots at Bigg K & Eazy The Block Captain(67:00) A.Ward calls out TAY ROC and says he would do a 3-battle contract with URLhttps://www.letstalkbattlerap.com

    • 01:23:27

      France & Vlad chop it up on all of the latest announcements, news reports, and updates in the culture (0:00) Intro (6:00) QB vs Charlie Clips Recap (12:00) Clips Reading a poem off his phone in his 3rd round (21:00) Eazy TBC has remarks on Jaz The Rapper being COTY (27:30) Jaz The Rapper set to make her debut on Premier Battles vs Bizzo Bond (32:00) Loaded Lux & Rum Nitty Verbally lock in on Twitter Spaces (37:00) Clip of the Twitter spaces between Lux & Rum (50:00) Lu Castro talks about Swampon PSA Reloaded (54:30) Is Lu Castro Top-Tier ? (7:00:00) Reading comments from the Youtube https://www.letstalkbattlerap.com

    • LTBR Group Chat: Homecoming 2/Rookies vs Sophom*ores Predictions!


      LTBR staff writers Q Moody, J-Smo Reviews, and Titus give their thoughts and predictions on URL's Homecoming 2 and Rookies vs Sophom*ores.(0:00) Intro(6:00) Homecoming 2 Main event Murda Mook vs Nu Jerzey Twork(15:00) Geechi Gotti vs Serius Jones (21:30) T-Rex vs Chess (31:00) Ms Hustle vs Arsonal(40:00) Lu Castro vs Swamp (48:00) Ace Amin vs Shotgun Suge(57:00) Rookies vs Sophom*ore Breakdown

    • Cancel Christmas | Panic Room 7 | Homecoming 2 | Rookies vs Sophmore (Chrome 23/QOTR/URL Weekend)


      2 hour podcast of France & Vlad covering all of the announcements made around the culture(6:00) Chrome 23 Announces Cancel Christmas(32:00) Coffee Brown's grueling weekend of battling back-to-back(41:00) Breaking down the WOTY Race between Jaz The Rapper, Ms Hustle & Coffee(53:00) QOTR Panic Room 7(71:00) URL Homecoming 2 Full Card)(110:00) URL Rookies vs Sophom*ore Cardhttps://www.letstalkbattlerap.com/the-most-interesting-woty-race-ms-hustle-vs-jaz-the-rapper-vs-coffee-brown/

    228. Tay Roc vs. Geechi Gotti 1st Round Breakdown | Let's Talk Battle Rap Podcast (2024)


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