What are Celina Powell and Lil Meech up to today? Jail, Net Worth (2024)

In the digital world, where instant fame and controversy often propel individuals into the limelight, Celina Powell stands out as a polarizing figure. Often referred to as the “Clout Chaser” of social media or “Rap Infamous Groupie,” she’s garnered a substantial following by sharing stories about her alleged encounters with high-profile rappers. Beyond the digital drama, her legal troubles have also become a prominent aspect of her narrative, with several arrests leading to a two-year jail sentence. Adding another layer to her public persona, Powell recently sparked attention by releasing an explicit video featuring rapper Lil Meech. Her actions raised questions about the boundaries between personal life and online fame.

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  • 1 Early Life, Education, and Family
  • 2 Rise to Social Media Stardom
    • 2.1 Claimed she was pregnant with Offset’s baby
    • 2.2 Claimed she had an affair with Snoop Dogg
    • 2.3 Mistaken Identity – Dating Aaron Carter
    • 2.4 Allegations against Trey Songz – A Disturbing Encounter
  • 3 Explicit Video Involving Celina Powell and Lil Meech Surfaces
    • 3.1 Who is Lil Meech?
    • 3.2 The Explicit Video Unveiled
    • 3.3 Timing of the Release
    • 3.4 Aftermath
  • 4 Legal Woes and Two-Year Prison Sentence
    • 4.1 May 2022 Sentencing
    • 4.2 August 2022 Revelations
  • 5 Social Media Presence
    • 5.1 Vanishing Instagram and Social Media Origins
    • 5.2 Social Media Metrics
  • 6 Personal Life
  • 7 Appearance
  • 8 Net Worth

Early Life, Education, and Family

Celina Powell, born on 13 June 1995, in Denver, Colorado, has Puerto Rican lineage. Raised by her aunt amid her parents’ separation, she faced challenges in her formative years that became the backdrop of her journey.

She pursued her education at Wheat Ridge High School in Colorado, expressing a desire for a degree, though specific details about her college experience remain elusive.

Throughout her upbringing, Celina navigated various living situations, including residing in a pet house and a trailer park. To sustain herself financially, she worked in fast-food establishments. Notably, she reached a managerial position at Taco Bell, but things took an unfortunate turn with misguided decisions. Choosing to hire friends and firing existing employees led to the store’s decline under their management.

Rise to Social Media Stardom

Celina Powell’s ascent to social media stardom was marked by her unfiltered narratives about alleged relationships with renowned rappers and other celebrities. Embracing controversy, she earned the titles of an obsessed groupie and clout chaser, reveling in the attention that came with being at the center of scandals. While many of her assertions were later proven false, it didn’t diminish her desire for relevance, regardless of the means. Here are some of her noteworthy controversial claims:

Claimed she was pregnant with Offset’s baby

In 2017, Celina stirred a significant buzz when she posted a video on her TikTok platform, accusing various individuals, including well-known rappers, of pressuring her to undergo an abortion. Notably, Offset – Kiari Kendrell Cephus – found himself amidst the controversy, as he was on the verge of marrying rapper Cardi B.

She supported her claims with a sonogram, a paternity test, and alleged offers of $50,000 to terminate the pregnancy. The Offset couple dismissed the accusations, labeling her as a clout chaser attempting to extort money. In April 2018, a leaked audio file featured Celina discussing altering documents to support her case, raising questions about the credibility of her assertions. Eventually, she admitted to fabricating the entire story, revealing that she was never pregnant.

Claimed she had an affair with Snoop Dogg

Celina’s clout-chasing antics reached new heights when she took to Instagram to declare an affair with rapper Snoop Dogg, who was married with three children at the time. Detailing explicit aspects of the alleged affair, including unprotected sex and drug use, Celina even tagged Mrs Snoop Dogg, publicly exposing the supposed infidelity. She further claimed that Snoop Dogg offered her $20,000 to remain silent.

In December 2020, during a podcast (@WeInMiamiPodcast), Celina expressed regret for publicly sharing the affair, while also expressing surprise at Snoop’s prowess in bed. Despite providing receipts to the public, many no longer believed her accounts. Snoop Dogg’s subsequent release of a song seeking his wife’s forgiveness added a layer of credibility to the situation, even though Celina wasn’t directly mentioned. The public generally perceived it as an acknowledgment of the alleged hookup.

Mistaken Identity – Dating Aaron Carter

Celina’s Instagram post featuring Aaron Carter left fans surprised, especially when she affectionately called him her “Lil Baby.” In a revealing twist, she shared on Adam22’s podcast that her initial attraction to Aaron stemmed from a case of mistaken identity. Believing Aaron was a member of the Backstreet Boys, she was shocked to discover his Disney pictures at his home, leading her to realize he was the younger brother of Nick Carter. Celina claimed she never returned for more encounters, citing dissatisfaction with Aaron’s lifestyle.

Allegations against Trey Songz – A Disturbing Encounter

Celina recounted a disturbing incident involving R&B singer Trey Songz, alleging kidnapping and rape. Initially sending direct messages to Trey Songz without a positive response, Celina found herself in a club one night where she and her friend were invited to join Trey at another venue. Events took a dark turn when Trey suggested continuing the night at his house, only for her to discover around 10 more women present. Phones were confiscated, and the situation became uncomfortable for her, prompting her desire to leave. When requesting her phone, she found it thrown onto the balcony. Subsequently, Celina claimed she was locked in the bathroom and allegedly raped by Trey Songz.

Celina asserted that she took legal action, filing charges, undergoing a rape kit examination, and obtaining a police report, but later dropped the charges. Trey Songz denied the allegations, but Celina maintained her stance. In the aftermath, Trey Songz faced additional accusations from other women. Celina lamented that her narrative, being one of the first, was met with disbelief, attributing it to her reputation as a clout chaser.

Explicit Video Involving Celina Powell and Lil Meech Surfaces

Celina Powell, the master of staying in the spotlight, once again grabbed headlines with the release of an explicit video featuring her and rapper Lil Meech.

Who is Lil Meech?

Lil Meech, born Demetrius Edward Flenory Jr. on 22 August 2000, is an American actor and rapper. His parents are Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory Sr. and Latarra Eutsey. Lil Meech adopted his stage name to pay homage to his father, the founder of the infamous Black Mafia Family, a cocaine drug trafficking group in the 1990s that occasionally functioned as a hip-hop record label. Beginning his music career in 2019, Lil Meech gained popularity for his self-released debut song “Bad Habits.” However, he soared to greater fame when he portrayed his father in the TV series “BMF,” an adaptation of Big Meech’s criminal activities that premiered in 2021.

Celina Powell post a pic in Lil Meech BMF chain & drops a sex tape just 1 day after Meech & Summer Walker go public 😳👀 pic.twitter.com/YdEF5wZyAy

— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) May 2, 2023

The Explicit Video Unveiled

Celina Powell strategically unveiled an explicit video on her OnlyFans page, featuring intimate moments between her and Lil Meech in a public bathroom. Discussing the video in detail during a guest appearance on the Toxic Twins podcast, Celina shared her perspective. claiming that she made a friend perform oral sex on him as well, asserting maliciously that he couldn’t perform adequately.

Timing of the Release

The release of the explicit video coincided with rumors about Lil Meech’s romantic involvement with Summer Walker. Celina alleged that Lil Meech granted her permission to record the encounter, citing his nonchalant response when she initially attempted to put down her phone.


While Celina treated the video as a routine business move to promote her OnlyFans page, it had repercussions on Lil Meech’s budding relationship with Summer Walker, ultimately leading to its end. Given Celina’s history of embellishing stories about celebrities, some netizens offered unsolicited advice, suggesting it might be time for her to reconsider airing out private details about public figures.

Legal Woes and Two-Year Prison Sentence

In a saga marked by legal entanglements, Celina Powell found herself facing the consequences of her actions in a series of arrests and a subsequent two-year prison sentence.

In December 2019, the spotlight on Celina intensified when she was apprehended in Colorado by bounty hunters. Found at a lounge, she was taken into custody due to outstanding bonds amounting to over $60,000. The charges against her spanned a range of offenses, including shoplifting, traffic violations, and evading the police.

May 2022 Sentencing

Fast forward to May 2022, it was reported that Celina faced repercussions related to her 2015 case involving the alleged act of driving a getaway car linked to a theft ring – she was arrested and subsequently sentenced to two years for failing to adhere to the terms of her probation. In her defense, Celina’s lawyers argued for her transfer to a Florida prison, citing concerns about her safety in Colorado, a significant factor in her probation violation. They implored the judge for leniency, emphasizing that Celina’s actions had saved her life. Despite these pleas, she was sentenced to an additional two years, but remained eligible for parole in December 2022.

August 2022 Revelations

In August 2022, Celina took to her YouTube channel to share her version of events leading to her arrests in 2015 and 2022. According to her account, when she was 18 years old, she participated in driving around wealthy neighborhoods with friends, scouting unattended cars, and pilfering items. When confronted by the police, she attempted to evade them but was eventually apprehended, leading to a three-year sentence ‘on probation’.

As she neared the end of her probation, Celina was arrested again, allegedly orchestrated by a friend’s boyfriend after a party in Denver. Subsequently, she was sentenced to prison, served her time, and was released on parole.

Social Media Presence

Vanishing Instagram and Social Media Origins

Celina Powell’s current social media landscape presents a puzzle, particularly with her Instagram account (@celinapowellxo), once boasting over three million followers, now nowhere to be found. The account’s disappearance raises questions, suggesting it might have faced suspension, banning, or deletion by Celina herself.

In a candid life update on YouTube, Celina shared insights into her early social media journey. Despite her collaborations with social media personalities such as DJ Akademiks and 6ix9ine, accumulating around 300,000 followers, she struggled financially. Unfamiliar with monetizing her influence, Celina continued working at Subway. However, the constant influx of people seeking pictures with her led to her dismissal. Eventually, she found her footing, especially after discovering the lucrative world of OnlyFans.

Social Media Metrics

As of February 2024, Celina Powell boasts approximately 120,000 subscribers on YouTube, despite having only uploaded two videos. Her TikTok page commands a following of 260,000. Interestingly, she maintains two active OnlyFans accounts, contrary to her announcement in February 2022 that she’d delete them.

Personal Life

Celina’s personal life is entwined with the controversies she creates through claims of romantic involvements and flings with various celebrities. However, skepticism surrounds these assertions, as most individuals implicated in her narratives vehemently refute her claims.


Celina Powell is recognized for her striking physique, standing at 5ft 6ins (168cms) and weighing 121lbs (55kgs). Her allure is enhanced by dark brown eyes and matching hair.

Net Worth

As of February 2024, Celina Powell’s estimated net worth is conservatively over $500,000, reflecting her journey from financial struggles to leveraging her social media presence, especially through platforms such as OnlyFans, contributing significantly to her current financial standing.

What are Celina Powell and Lil Meech up to today? Jail, Net Worth (2024)


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